Remember What Matters

Get instant insights on people, projects & ideas


One Thought ➜ One Micronote

Don’t waste time writing lengthy notes, capture only what really matters

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1-tap creation

Whatever device you‘re using, you‘re always 1 tap away from creating a new micronote

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Natural language

Write like you think, and let our artificial intelligence do the hard work of structuration

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Start typing or dictating, and we recognize people, companies, locations and dates

Get Instant Insights

Quickly resurface relevant information

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Powerful search

Create sophisticated queries and save them to easily access the results later

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Graph exploration

Discover clusters and not-so-obvious links between your micronotes

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Map exploration

Instantly see on a map any reference to a city or an address


Enhance your micronotes, enrich your existing tools

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Sync with your tools

Automatically update your CRM, Slack, and your other productivity tools

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Add public data

Enhance your micronotes with public data from the web and social media



Stay on top of your private knowledge base

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Create easy-to-read digest of important things about a person, a topic, a company, etc.

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Be reminded when it‘s time to touch base with someone. Receive notifications when our system detects a new opportunity.

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Transform your micronotes into to-do lists and never forget to do the things that matter


Share curated insights with your team members

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Build dashboards

Create insightful and beautiful reports

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Share with your team

Decide what data you want to share and who is the owner

Enterprise-grade data protection

Safe and secure

We protects your data at every layer. We encrypt data at rest and data in transit. We ensure that only you and your approved devices can access your information.
Your micronotes belong to you, and only you.

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Multi-platform, multi-device

Because social interactions happen anywhere and anytime, you can input data and query them from any device.
Now you can forget your Moleskine and still be able to access all of your insights!

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Synchronize with your preferred tools

We know the struggle of filling information into a CRM form. We understand the frustration of searching the right notes in a Google Drive. We experienced the effort needed to reconcile a thread of several interactions with a person that happened on multiple channels. That's why we're working on integrating with your other tools.

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What Our Users Say

— is the simplest and quickest way to save the highlights of my interactions with others.
It's super fast to query and to get to the information that matters.
I also love the graph view that allows me to reconnect the dots and to remember things in relation with my initial search.

— I take notes on my notebook and I have to admit it's very time consuming to retrieve information. allows me to save the essence of my notes, and to quickly find what I need at exactly the right moment.

— I never documented my social interactions before by lack of time and motivation. But now with, I have hundreds of snippets.
By always remembering little details about people, it helps me show that I care about them.


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